A sustainable and customizable luxury candle brand hand-poured in small batches with non-toxic materials to bring to you a new way of lighting up your life.

Music and Fragrance together are known to be the strongest reminders and bring back the most memories. Say more with a heart-felt note & dedicate music to your special someone or just make yourself feel special.

Fall collection


  • Add music

    Dedicate music to your special someone by going to the product page and adding a link by sharing a song or playlist from Apple or Spotify. When they scan the QR code on the candle they will be directed to the song or music that you dedicated to them.

  • Add a heart-felt note

    When did letter writing become a lost art? Write a short heart felt note and say something to your person and we will put in on the candle and make it extra special.

  • Gift it to your special someone or make yourself feel special

    Self gifting is just as important as gifting other people. A combination of fragrance and music is 99% more effective in bringing back memories to someone than when you experience it any other way. So we want you to always remember your best moments.

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